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"Birgit is an absolutely charming portrait photographer who immediately put our whole family at ease, bringing out giggles of delight from our baby and our five year old son. They were enraptured by her, which in turn, created enough time and patience to allow her to get the perfect shots - of which she took many - in many different areas. She's incredibly practical and creative in her compositions, spends as long as it takes to get exactly what she is/you are looking for and is a consummate professional. She listens to exactly what you'd like and is extremely flexible, adding her own ideas which are always great. I can't recommend her highly enough. A lovely presence to have around, and a gifted photographer." Antonia F.



"In our mini-photo shoot, Birgit captured so many great shots in a short period of time which is normally such a challenge with young kids.  The close-ups of my daughters were beautiful, and I also love the action shots of my kids playing with each other.  I'm very happy with all the pictures and plan to print lots (and send to Grandparents)!" Erin B.



"My husband and I could not have been happier with the photos Birgit produced for us! We hired her to catch our three children in a special photo to commemorate their grandmother's 60th birthday. Not only did she select the perfect location, but she took the time to get the children in the right frame of mind so that she was able to capture them perfectly! The entire family was so impressed, they all wanted a copy of the photo!" Mindy C.



"Birgit has a gift of being able to capture the very expression or essence of those she photographs. Her portraits are not portraits with empty expressions, but are meaningful and profound. She takes photos effortlessly and gives beautiful results every time. It is wonderful yo finally have the opportunity of working with her. My daughter and I cherish our portrait". Karen B.



" We had a lovely time in family. The kids had a great time and don't remember a foto shoot but a great time having fun with Birgit's magic bag. It was all very natural!" Pascaline R.



"After having seen Birgit's work at a Charity Event, we knew she should be the photographer for our Family Christmas photos.  Birgit has such a lovely and relaxed manner that makes everyone feel at ease, even though one is in front of a camera.  As a result, the photographs were casual, fun and very memorable.  Many of our friends gave very complimentary comments on the selection of photos that they saw on the Christmas card.  The whole family enjoyed the morning that we spent with Birgit, and greatly appreciated the enduring photos of that special day.  Thank you, Birgit." Caroline H.




"Not only did we get a fantastic end result with far too many beautiful photos to choose from following Birgit's photoshoot, but we enjoyed the experience. The day was relaxed, fun, creative and it felt like we have spent a very special time as a family. Birgit being a mother of 2, is very good with children, she knew exactly how to make them laugh, she even had party bubbles for them in her bag :)." Denise R.



"Birgit is a natural with babies! She managed to get our boy not only to smile but beam at her :) Her pleasant and friendly attitude puts the whole family at ease and the result is photos that simply melt your heart!" Nisrine C.



"I have commissioned Birgit for various personal and commercial events and, on every occasion, I have unfailingly been blown away by her ability to capture the defining moment….her talent for photographing people is enormous and her ability to catch the individual unaware and unguarded defines her work. Her photographs always get to the heart of the subject and portray intimacy, emotion and a relaxed ease without ever letting the subjects feel on guard or defensive.  Birgit’s attention to detail means that no moment is left unrecorded and her camera will always be ready to take just one more photograph.  

None of this would be any good without a careful and considered editing process that allows Birgit to present the work to you in its best state and equally allows you to pick the best from the best without needing to consider quality or poor execution.

The emotion and the warmth that is always portrayed through Birgit’s work stems directly from her own warm persona and her instinctive interest and delight in those around her.

If you browse through Birgit’s portfolio, you will instantly be struck by her rapport with her subjects - put her anywhere with a camera and she will achieve this time after time.  That is why I recommend her. I want photographs of my children that I will want to look at forever and that capture their heart, their soul and their deep love of life. Birgit can do this. That alone makes her exceptional." Polly M., CEO, Restore The Music UK



"We love the pictures! We loved the experience! Thanks for capturing the moment in worst weather conditions! We are always impressed with your talent!" Maya A.

"Birgit is a genius.  I don't know how she made my four sons feel so relaxed and comfortable with her, but she did, and she managed to capture each of their unique expressions, allowing their personalities to shine through.  We now have the most magical snapshot (literally) of this moment in their lives.  It was also a genuinely fun experience for the whole family, not at all stressful as I had imagined it would have been.  My husband and I are keen to make this a semiannual event so that we have gorgeous photos charting their evolution through childhood.  Would recommend her without hesitation!"  Tara G.


"We have had the pleasure of having Birgit photograph our daughter, Caroline, three times in the past year and it has been a joy to have these precious memories of her growing up captured through Birgit’s lens. She is a truly talented photographer, catching sweet, stolen moments naturally. She knows how to immediately put my child (who as a toddler hates having her photo taken) at ease. During the sessions, we feel more like we are playing than having our photos taken.  I cherish the photographs she has taken and look forward to Birgit documenting our growing family over the years. I am grateful to have been introduced to her!"  Amanda L.

"Birgit has taken photos of my family for several years. She is excellent at getting the “Christmas card” shot but where her real talent lies is in getting amazing candid pictures and really capturing the personalities of the people she’s shooting.  Every time we get the photos, I think to myself that she captured my kids images in their true likeness...she always gets the perfect “real” smile or far away gaze that sums up my child. She has an amazing way with children but is also incredibly professional and gets very good pictures of adults as well. I couldn’t recommend her more." Michelle R.

"Birgit Tabbarah is a wonderful photographer. She captured beautiful and unique photos of my three children separately and together and made the process fun and easy. She also has taken gorgeous full family photos that we will treasure forever. I can not recommend her highly enough!" Berry B.

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